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A glimpse into the work I’ve been doing lately.

Working with my clients truly makes every day enjoyable. If you are looking for more clarity around your goals and mission, discussing accountability or better communication, Dynamik Consulting can help! Keep reading to see some of the feedback I received from recent work I have done with Ivey Homes, Hull Property Group, Augusta Parks and […]

Client Spotlight

Heritage Academy: Accountability at its Finest Here is a timeline of what it means to stay accountable to the mission that I worked on with Heritage Academy Augusta! September 2021 Leadership Team gathered for 2 full days to engage in the exercise outlined in “The Advantage” -Everyone shared their personal histories -We used the Insights […]

There is Power in a Common Language

5 reasons to invest in a common language for your relationships…both work and personal. 1. It makes things less personal. 2. It gives people a framework to better describe themselves. 3. It helps you decode or translate potential conflicts. 4. It helps you break down generational barriers. 5. COMMUNICATION!!! Susan Scott says “our work, our […]

How Blue Are You?

Have you ever thought about the way your writing style is received by others? Here’s an example of how I edit my emails to communicate more effectively. What I want to write: Hey everyone! Can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow! It’s going to be a great day! Thanks, Katie Wynn Then I remember […]

On a scale of 1 – 10, how STRAM are your goals?

No – that’s not a typo. Sometimes I need more clarity on how to set a goal versus the necessary tasks to reach that goal. I love this model from SLII (Situational Leadership) that advises leaders to assess their goals first by asking is it SPECIFIC and then is it TRACKABLE?  If yes, then ask if it is […]

Linger Longer

People pursue MBA programs for different reasons. My husband had been an amateur investor since college, and after 5 years in the Navy, decided he wanted to pursue his dream of a career in Finance. He took the GMAT, sent his applications off, and left on a 4 month deployment. I got the email that […]