How Blue Are You?

Have you ever thought about the way your writing style is received by others?

Here’s an example of how I edit my emails to communicate more effectively.

What I want to write:
Hey everyone! Can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow! It’s going to be a great day!

Katie Wynn

Then I remember that a lot of the participants lead with BLUE ENERGY and I edit like so and realize that I should have sent this email last week (not the day before)!

This is a reminder about the training next Tuesday from 8am-12pm at the SRP Park.
-Please reference the invite for exact location and parking details.
-Please try to arrive by 7:50am so we can begin promptly at 8am.
-The agenda is attached.

If you would like to prepare for the discussion on your communication preferences, please review:
-The “Insightful Strategies Document” attached.
-Pages 11-12 in your Insights Discovery Profile (read through the bulleted lists and star the top 3 on each page that resonate with you most)
-Page 15: How to Communicate with Your Opposite Type (read through and star the statements that most resonate with you).
-Try to think of concrete examples of how these statements apply to your current relationships.

Note that you will be given plenty of time in the workshop to do the above tasks. I look forward to seeing you next week, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions prior to training date.

Kind regards,

Some tips when communicating with someone who leads with Blue Energy:
Be well prepared and thorough
Put things in writing
Let them consider all the details