Have you ever thought about the way your writing style is received by others?

Here’s an example of how I edit my emails to communicate more effectively.

Just a reminder: When writing an email to someone who leads with red energy…
Bullet points are your friend
Lead with your best point first
Don’t make red energy do all the work – ex: don’t ask when they are available, give specific times for them to choose from
Don’t completely abandon your own style!

What I want to write:
Christine – Hey! How are you? I hope you had a great weekend. I was thinking about the leadership development training we have scheduled for next month, and I realized that I need a few things from you. Can you send me the PowerPoint that we discussed last month? What are your latest thoughts about the training? I think it might be helpful if we meet again before the training date. What day works best for you?

Thanks so much!

Then I remember that Christine leads with red, and I edit like so:
Hey Christine,

Reminder: Leadership Development Training is scheduled for Thursday, 2/19.

Things I need from you (can you please send by Friday):
Exact timing and location
Are you planning to kick off?
I’d love to meet with you early February to confirm the agenda and ensure we are meeting all of your objectives. Do you have 45 mins available any of the following times:
Friday: 2- 4pm
Monday: 10am – 11am
Tuesday: 10am – 11am

Let me know what works for you, and I’ll send an invite.

Thanks Christine! I’m really excited about this training.

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