Client Spotlight

Heritage Academy: Accountability at its Finest

Here is a timeline of what it means to stay accountable to the mission that I worked on with Heritage Academy Augusta!

September 2021
Leadership Team gathered for 2 full days to engage in the exercise outlined in “The Advantage”
-Everyone shared their personal histories
-We used the Insights profiles and team wheel to develop a common language for strengths/weaknesses and communication patterns
-Introduced the concept of the MRI: Most Respectful Interpretation
-Redefined the mission statement
-Narrowed down core values
-Developed an action plan for cascading the takeaways to the 80+ staff members
-Not everyone was excited…some were even dreading this retreat

September 2021 – January 2022
Leadership team met bi-weekly to continue tweaking the mission statement and values

January 2022
Rolled out mission and values at staff training
-Connected personal stories to the meaning behind the mission
-Staff saw full leadership buy-in to the mission and values
-Allowed time for staff to debrief at tables

August 2022
Incorporated Playbook output into staff onboarding
January 2023
Revisited MRI concept at staff training to refresh and reset interpersonal communication habits

February 2023
Produced a video and quiz to share with all new Heritage employees so that the culture, mission and values are clear from day 1
August 2023
Pre-planning agenda already set. Katie to facilitate

Heritage Academy was an amazing example of staying accountable to the initial “team building” investment and the mission!


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