Linger Longer

People pursue MBA programs for different reasons. My husband had been an amateur investor since college, and after 5 years in the Navy, decided he wanted to pursue his dream of a career in Finance.

He took the GMAT, sent his applications off, and left on a 4 month deployment. I got the email that he’d been accepted to NYU’s Stern School of Business while he was on a submarine under the Pacific Ocean, and somehow we decided via email that we would move from Seattle to NYC in a matter of months.

The entire point of the MBA program was clear for him – GET A JOB! The path to getting a job??? DREADED NETWORKING CIRCLES.

He wanted a position with JP Morgan in the Private Bank. Therefore, when the recruiter for JP Morgan came to campus, it was his job to make sure that recruiter knew his name. He, an introvert, quickly realized that networking circles were designed for extroverts. The Stern population was full of highly engaging and unique students. Those hunting a specific job in a specific company would circle up around the respective recruiter and lobby for airtime, a chance to tell their story. If the circle was “closed”, you had to make a space (naturally but aggressively) for yourself.

He realized he was going to have to dial up his extraversion to make his way into those circles, but he figured out how to leverage his extroversion once in them. LINGER! The others took a more extroverted approach, but he was always the last to leave the circle. By lingering, he had a chance to ask more thoughtful questions and get to know the recruiters on a more personal basis. It worked. He got his first choice.

I always think about this story when I find myself in a position where I need to “network”.

Sometimes you have to step dial up your extraversion or introversion, but do it in a way where you stay true to yourself.

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I truly hope you enjoyed these Networking Tips as much as I loved getting to share them with you! Please feel free to share how they’ve helped you make progress in your journey!

Katie Wynn