My First Love

I want to be a development director.

That’s how I would have answered the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” as a teenager. I thought I wanted to raise money for non-profits. Why did I want to be that? Because that’s what my mom did, and she was SO GOOD AT IT. Then the doubts “But can I be as direct as she is?” “Can I walk into a room and command attention the way she does?” “I’ll never be as strong as she is.” “I don’t think that’s really my style.

At 15, I was introduced to the Enneagram by a very kind type 2. When she explained the difference in an Enneagram type 6 and an Enneagram type 8—LIGHTBULBS!!!!— I felt like I finally understood how I was different from my mom…that I didn’t have to be just like her…that I could appreciate her directness and boldness AND charge forward with my own style and unique pursuits.

That was my first step in what has been a lifelong journey in self-awareness.

A few years later, my then boyfriend, now husband, gave me “The WISDOM of the ENNEAGRAM” for my 18th birthday, and I devoured it. I later told him I thought we should get back together because our types are one the most stable and common combinations. 🙂 We got married a few years later.

Fast forward a few years, Rob and I were living in Seattle, and I stumbled upon the greatest job ever where I trained to facilitate workshops in personal effectiveness using Jungian psychology and a common language of color.

Today I use what I’ve learned through Enneagram and Insights Color Energies EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I believe self-awareness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

So..what does self-awareness mean to you?

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