On a scale of 1 – 10, how STRAM are your goals?

No – that’s not a typo.
Sometimes I need more clarity on how to set a goal versus the necessary tasks to reach that goal. I love this model from SLII (Situational Leadership) that advises leaders to assess their goals first by asking is it SPECIFIC and then is it TRACKABLE?  If yes, then ask if it is Relevant, Attainable, and Motivating.
Here’s how I’ve used this model in my own business:
I set a goal to convert my business from 75% out of town clients/25% local clients to 75% local clients/25% out of town clients by Dec 2022.
Specific? Yes
Trackable? Sort of. But how could I track it throughout the year?  How about “send three proposals to local clients every month?” That worked!… and ensured I was taking consistent action towards reaching my goal.
Relevant? Very
Attainable? MAYBE?!!  I was prepared to adjust the goal if needed…
Motivating? VERY!
Setting SMART goals is only the first step in Situational Leadership.  This is an EXCELLENT TOOL for new managers or for any manager who wants to grow and improve!