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My First Love

I want to be a development director. That’s how I would have answered the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” as a teenager. I thought I wanted to raise money for non-profits. Why did I want to be that? Because that’s what my mom did, and she was SO GOOD […]

Let’s hear it for the bird.

Managers – have you ever tasked a high-performing employee with an important project and then realized they were not up to the task? How do you handle a situation like that? My senior year, Colton Ballet commenced a new production of Peter and the Wolf. That meant original sets, original costumes, and original choreography. 6 […]

You’re the worst one.

We were about to start a full cast rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast, the upcoming show that season. Most of us had been cast as “Wisps”, a part where you looked like a graceful ninja, moving all the sets around in between scenes. It was not an exciting part, and I was not excited […]

It never hurts to ask.

Managers – do you know what’s holding your people back from having difficult conversations with you or moving from good to great? You might need to back it up and spend some time understanding their core motivations. It was the Thursday before the final weekend of 20 show run of The Nutcracker. Everyone I knew […]

Extreme Ownership

Colton Ballet recently kicked off rehearsals for “The Nutcracker” and I couldn’t be more excited for our daughter Betsy to participate for the first time! I can’t help thinking about all the life lessons I learned from years of performing. Every part of my job that involves commanding the stage and connecting with an audience […]